Riding a 90 foot wave. More like a mountain.

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Damn, Walt Disney is one decorated m-fer. Once the hangover wears off and you find yourself looking for a low-key weekend activity, the Walt Disney Family Museum is the ideal spot for you. After a short walk down Lover’s Lane and through the perfectly manicured culs-de-sac of the Presidio, you will stumble upon the jumbo brick building. The lobby of the museum is filled to the brim with awards, trophies and achievements and the remainder of the multilevel edifice is bulging with information and artifacts alike. The museum proved to be the perfect pre-Sunday-afternoon-cocktail adventure.

Tickets are $15 for students - $20 for adults (so dig up that old student ID!)


Like sex. Hot, sweaty, loose, orgasmic, life-changing. You have to feel it to beleive it. Don’t forget the HD.

Also - just in case the mouse trap hasn’t caught you yet - check it out LIVE TONIGHT.